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     Our business is Business Basic programming and has been since 1985 since we first worked with Basic Four Computers and their Business Basic. Basic Four Computers in now known as MAI Systems and we continue to develop and enhance software written in their legacy basics as well as their more current Open Basic. We are experienced as well in the Business Basic environments developed by Basis International such as Progression 3, Progression 4, Pro5 and Visual Pro5 products. In addition we are a Master Developer for MAS90, experienced in not only their older version which executed in the Basis International Progression 4 environment but also their newer version which executes in the Providex environment.

     Throughout the years we have been involved in EDI, Bar Coding, Conversion of older Business Basic applications from their then proprietary environments to newer non proprietary environments. With the increased use of Networking, Windows NT and Unix Servers we have been involved with various Unix platforms such as SCO, DG/UX, HP UX and AIX and even Windows and Windows Programming.

     Our primary focus was, is and continues to be the ongoing enhancement and modification of existing software applications through our programming skills. Yet we continue to assist our customers whenever possible to try to make the most of their current computer environment and to consult with them and offer advice on their various options when a change does become necessary.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please feel free to contact us at our numbers below, or click on one of the Email links provided below.

1460 Dee Kennedy Road

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